Visa Section opening hours:

09:00 – 12:00 am

The Embassy is closed on Austrian Public Holidays Visa Enquiries for pending cases and residence permits:
Via e-mail: abuja-ob@bmeia.gv.at

(please notice, that the embassy will not answer questions to visa applications via telephone!) Countries covered by the Austrian Embassy Abuja Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Gabon, Chad, Central African Republic, São
Tomé und Príncipe, Benin, Togo, Ghana Schengenvisa applicants in the following countries covered by the Austrian
Embassy in Abuja can also apply for a visa at:

Ghana: Dutch Embassy in Accra
Cameroun: Belgian Embassy in Yaoundé Benin, Gabon, Togo, Chad and Central African Republic; French Embassy
São Tomé und Príncipe: Portuguese Embassy in Sao Tomé Equatorial Guinea: Spanish Embassy in Malabo

Please be aware that Schengenvisa can only be issued for a maximum of 90 day per 6 month period.

  • Applications have to be submitted in person at the Austrian Consulate.
  • Only complete applications will be processed.
  • Applications should be submitted at least 3 weeks before the departure date (the issuing period will last 10 days minimum)
  • Please be aware that the visa fee has to be paid upon submission and is not refundable.
  • Application forms are free of charge
  • All requested documents need to be presented in original and a set of copies has to be submitted with the application.


Documents to be provided by ALL VISA APPLICANTS:

  • Copy of flight reservation including return flight.(round ticket)
  • Verifiable evidence of sufficient means of subsistence during intended stay such as:

- recent personal bank statement or balance over last three months;
- regular incomes generates by the property.

Travel medical insurance covering the entire period of intended stay, valid for all Schengen States and covering any expenses which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgency medical attention, emergency hospital treatment or death during the stay. The minimum coverage must be 30.000 EUR. General waiver is only foreseen for holders of diplomatic passports (Article 15.7 of the Visa Code).


  • Additionally, for non-Nigerian nationals living in Nigeria:

- copy of the residence permit.
1. Documents to be provided by applicants travelling for the purpose of TOURISM:

  • Proof of accommodation for the whole duration of the intended stay; hotel reservations, rental of holiday home, campus residence reservation
  • Proof of employment:

- Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) and Certificate of Business Incorporation paper for businessmen (this requirement assures that the applicant has a business to return to);
- Employment letter stating the days of leave for employees;
- For scholars (professors, scholarship-holders, lecturers, instructors, etc.) and students, letter from school or university;

  • Proof of commercial activities in Nigeria and overseas for businessmen e.g. bills of lading, receipt book, etc
  • Any proof of ties in the home country (marriage certificate, proof of real estate property).

2. Documents to be provided by applicants travelling for FAMILY VISIT:

  • Proof of relationship between visa applicant and person to be visited (birth certificate, marriage certificate, correspondence, photos, etc.);
  • Austria, requires a sponsorship document (Elektronische Verpflichtungserklärung) from the host, which can be obtained from the Austrian Alien Police or Austrian Authorities.

3. Documents to be provided by applicants travelling for BUSINESS:

  • Invitation letter from the company based in Austria. The letter should contain relevant personal data of the invited, purpose of the visit and duration of stay as well as a declaration of liability which has to be obtained by the Austrian Alien police of Austrian Authority (Elektronische Verpflichtungserklärung)
  • TCC (Tax Clearance Certificate) + Certificate of Business Incorporation (certificate of registration of a company or business).
  • Proof of commercial activities in Nigeria and recent business contacts, the continuation of the commercial relationship with the company that invites (contracts, bills, commercial correspondence, etc.).
  • In the case of participation in conferences, fairs, seminars, congresses, etc.:

- An invitation from a company or an authorized body to attend events connected with trade, industry or work;
- Entry tickets for events, if applicable;
- Other documents which show the existence of trade or work relations.
4. Documents to be provided by applicants travelling for MEDICAL TREATMENT:

  • Certificate from the applicant's physician or the hospital in Nigeria, verified by the doctor or clinic appointed by the Visa Office, confirming the need of specific medical treatment to be provided in the destination country.
  • An official document of the receiving medical institution in the Schengen country confirming that it can perform the specific medical treatment and the patient will be accepted accordingly.
  • Proof of pre-payment of the treatment or other proof of sufficient financial means to cover the medical treatment and related expenses, such as additional insurance coverage.
  • Any other correspondence between the sending and receiving sides, if available.

5. Documents to be provided by applicants travelling for STUDIES or TRAINING:

  • Certificate of enrolment at an educational establishment for the purpose of studying, scientific or practical trainings (including vocational training) or other events enhancing professional and intellectual skills.
  • Student's cards or certificates of the courses to be attended.
  • Proof of pre-payment of courses or trainings, if applicable.


  • Copy of the official invitation.
  • Verbal note issued by the authority concerned confirming that the applicant is a member of the official delegation to a Schengen Member State, forwarded via the Austrian Ministry of European and International Affairs, Protocol Section, Vienna.
  • Invitation, entry tickets, enrolments or programs stating (wherever possible) the name of the host organization, the length of stay or any other appropriate document indicating the purpose of journey.
  • Sponsor letter as well as introduction letter
  • Note Verbal from the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (only for official trips)

7. Other issues related to Schengenvisa procedure:

  • Minors travelling alone or with one parent must present:

- letter of consent from one or both parents/legal guardian(s);
- copy of the birth certificate of the minor;
- ID card/passport of both parents/legal guardian(s).

  • Children under 6.
  • Diplomatic/Official passports.
  • Family of an EU citizen.
  • Researchers officially invited by an University/Institute for a professional visit.
  • Student on a study trip.


  • The applicant must submit original documents along with a complete set of photocopies.

Schengen Visa fee to be collected in NGN
Adults: € 60,-
Children (aged between 6 – 12) € 35,-
Children under 6 years free of charge

  • If applicants submit fake/forged passports, they will be seized and sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abuja
  • Evidence of sufficient financial means as well travel insurance has to be presented not only in the process of applying for a visa, but also when entering the Schengen territory. A visa does not necessarily guarantee entry
  • IMPORTANT: Introduction False or fraudulent documents as well as wrong or non-complete information on the application form will ultimately lead to a refusal of the visa.
  • The Embassy reserves the right to request for additional documents in addition to those mentioned above.

For additional don’t hesitate to contact the Austrian Embassy.

Austrian Embassy Abuja Plot 9, Usuma Street, Maitama – Abuja
Phone: +234 (0) 706 418 32 26 E-Mail: abuja-ob@bmeia.gv.at