1) Original passport valid for not less than 6months from the date of arrival in Thailand and blank pages.

2) Completed and signed forms (we provide).

3) Four recent (2x2) passport photographs.

4) The certificate of clearance from the national drug law enforcement agency (NDLEA) we provide.

5) Certificate of criminal clearance issued by the Nigerian police and certified by the notary public or the court and the ministry of foreign affairs of Nigeria ( we provide).

6) The original bank statement ( for the last 12 months) and the letter of reference issued by the authorized bank officer/manager. The two document must be certified by the notary public or the court and the ministry of foreign affairs of Nigeria. A copy of each document needs to be submitted.

7) Letter of reference from the company is required to be presented if the applicant is an employee stating the applicant’s position, present salary and duration of work service in the company, if the applicant is self employed, relevant document such as business license financial status/evidence and tax income clearance must be submitted, for other occupations relevant document must be presented also.

8) International health certified on yellow fever vaccination ( we provide)

9) Birth certificate of the applicant and one (1) copy of the birth certificate certified by the court.

10) Reservation of a hotel in Thailand or address and telephone number of the sponsor/guarantor in Thailand, in the latter case, his/her financial status/evidence is required to be presented.

Thailand Embassies and High Commission in Nigeria

Royal Thai Embassy Address: 1, Ruxton Road, Old Ikoyi, P.O Box 3095, Lagos Phone: +234 1 2681337