Application Form (IMM 5257)

  •     Each applicant and each accompanying family member must complete, date and sign their own application.
  •     Applicants who are under the age of 18 years must have their form signed by a parent or guardian.
  •     List your spouse/common-law partner and ALL your children under 18 years of age (or still dependent) on the IMM 5257 Form, even if they do not need a visa or are not accompanying you. If you have more than 3 family members, fill additional copies of the IMM 5257 Form.
  •     Answer every question. If not applicable, write N/A. make sure you include your mailing address, reliable phone contact, and email address (if you agree to e-mail communications.
  •     It is advisable to fill out the new forms electronically and submit a print-out of your computer-generated forms, including the 2D barcode page.

Family Information Form (IMM 5257)

  •     All applicants aged 18 years or older must complete and sign their own.

Two passport photographs for yourself and each family member requesting a visa, with the name printed on the back, dated and taken in the past 6 months.

Processing Fee:

Ensure that you have paid the correct non-refundable fee in Naira (bank draft only) and payable in Lagos to the “Canadian Deputy High Commission”. The number of the passport of the principal applicant must be printed on the back of the draft. Please provide separate drafts for each applicant with the Passport Number of the principal applicant printed on the back of each draft.

Original passport for yourself and each family member requesting a visa. Each passport should:

  •     be accompanied with a copy of the passport bio-data page (i.e. the page with the name, photo, place of birth, date of issue, etc.)
  •     show that you are a citizen or lawfully admitted to your country of residence (e.g. study permit, work permit)
  •     have a minimum of two blank visa pages and maximum 6 months validity

Previous passport(s) showing travel history.

Explain the purpose of your trip

details of your itinerary indicating length of stay, destination and contacts. You must provide a provisional airline booking.

Invitation from the person or business you will visit stating visits dates, duration, purpose and contact information. Information related to the immigration status of the host in Canada is voluntary. Should the host volunteer this information, they may provide a copy of their landing document, Citizenship Certificate or Canadian passport bio-data page (i.e. the page with their name, photo, place of birth, date of issue, etc.), Study permit or work permit, or Permanent Resident Card.

Proof of Funds

  •     If you are self-funded, you must submit evidence of sufficient funds to cover your  travel and expenses while in Canada. Evidence include: a certified bank statement with three months history including one month prior to or the same months as your application submission, or investments , in your name, or business name.
  •     If you are invited, your host in Canada may voluntarily provide financial documents such as recent bank statements for saving accounts, short term and/or long term deposits that show their name, account balance and the date the account was opened.
  •     Note: Bank statements must be opened and detached. Un-detached (interim) bank statements will not be considered in the course of processing the application.

Seminars, Trade Shows, Conferences – invitations, registration and hotel confirmation.

Self-addressed pre-paid return courier envelope to return your documents whether or not you are submitting your application by courier service or the Canadian Deputy High commission’s drop box.

If applicable, please also submit:

For Business Travel: A letter from your employer indicating the purpose of your travel, your itinerary within Canada and who will cover the cost of your travel, a letter from the Canadian business confirming duration (visit dates) and nature of your business.

Proof of Business if you are self-employed. Provide business registration, tax clearance certificates, trade certificates, license and financial documents, etc. (certified business bank account statement for past 6 months)

Proof of employment – letter from your current employer and payslips (last 3 months). Employment letter dated within 2 months of the application indicating occupation, job description, position, salary, allowances, years of employment and authorized leave dates.

Proof of current studies – a current letter and transcript from the educational institution you are attending.

Marriage Certificates and Birth Certificates for each family member whether or not they are requesting a visa.

If a minor child is traveling with only one parent or without their parents, custody documents from the other parent or both parents, as applicable.

Children must each have their own passport. They must also have a school leave letter, if applicable.

If you would like Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to release information from your case file to someone other than ypourself you must authorize us by completing Authority to release personal information to a designated individual (IMM 5475)

If someone is assisting you in completiong your application or you would like someone to do business with our office on your behalf, completed Use of a Representative form (IMM 5476).

Diplomatic/Official Passport Holders:

Original Note Verbale from your Federal Ministry of foreign affairs or embassy stating the purpose of your travel to  Canada, and an invitation from your host in Canada,  IMM5257 Application Form, Family Composition Form, two passport photographs and your original passport.

Canada Embassies and High Commission in Nigeria

No. 3, Bobo Street, Off Gana Street
(011 234 9) 461-2900
(011 234 9) 461-2901

Consulate of Canada in Lagos, Nigeria

4 Anifowoshe St,
Vistoria Island
(011 234 1) 271-5650

(011 234 1) 271-5651